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Just $7 a Month.  Feed Filipino Children “Hunger Can’t Wait”

With a monthly commitment, you can make a huge impact on the fight against hunger & malnutrition in the Philippines.  Your regular monthly support will help us plan for the year ahead and enable the Feed Filipino Children team to prepare and ensure the consistent provision of hot and nutritious meals to the beneficiaries. Monthly donation starts at Three Hundred and Fifty Seven Pesos only (₱ 357or $7) can feed a child for one week.

How Far Your Donation Goes

  • $7 Month (357 Pesos) Feed a Child for one Week
  • $14 Month (714 Pesos) Feed a Child for Two Weeks 
  • $21 Month (1071 Pesos)  Feed a Child for Three Weeks 
  • $28 Month (1427) Feed a Child for Four Weeks
  • Other amounts